Mirrorless Lens Overview

Mirrorless Lens Overview

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At the top of the ever-expanding Nikkor Z lens lineup, S-Line lenses push Nikon’s tradition of optical excellence and innovation to unprecedented new heights. Superior performance and resolution. Sophisticated features and operability. Specialized technologies and reliability enhancements. All while taking full advantage of the monumental Nikon Z mount and adhering to the strictest image quality and build standards.

Larger mount.
Smaller lenses.
Huge performance.

More Light Capture

The larger Z Mount and extremely short flange distance means Nikkor Z lenses can gather substantially more light for thrilling low-light performance and maximum apertures up to f/0.95.

More Sharpness

The combination of new optical formulas and Nikkor’s proven glass types results in greater resolution from the center of the frame to the far edges. No need to stop down these lenses.

More Data Transfer

The larger Z Mount allows for faster communication between lens and camera for improved performance across the board.

Less Distortion

Even at their widest apertures, Nikkor Z lenses show virtually no distortion—flare, ghosting, coma, chromatic, axial and spherical aberration are all greatly minimized.

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