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Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) is a Nikon Group Company focused on cutting edge camera robotics and automation for cinematography, broadcast, television, sports, live events and photography. Winner of an Academy Award (Oscar) and a Queen’s Award for technical excellence and enterprise, they are one of the largest suppliers of camera robotics in the world today.

Robotic Camera Systems

AFC Robotic Head

The AFC head is the ideal choice for a wide range of applications ranging from studio broadcast environments to placement at live events and sports production. With a small footprint, the AFC head is the perfect choice for getting close to the action without compromising picture quality. Speeds of up to 180 degrees per second can be achieved which is ideal for getting trackside and following fast-moving targets whilst high-bandwidth slip rings offer unlimited pan rotation.

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Robotic Pod

The Robotic Pod system is a next-generation remote production tool for stills or video. Designed for the toughest of tasks in the most remote locations, the system helps capture new camera angles with ease. The modular system enables you to quickly and easily change your remote position from a wide to a super-tight shot. The Nikon FX size sensor provides fantastic dynamic range, color depth and low noise sensor performance—as well as a vast range of lens options.

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Robotic Pod M2

The Robotic Pod M2 is a high-accuracy pan/tilt platform with a weatherproof housing. The system is capable of 4K output at 22x zoom range. The Robotic Pod M2’s environmental housing incorporates a solar-shield with active semi-conductor cooling and heating, together with a window wash-wipe capability. Designed for integration into live broadcast via remote operation, the package is connected via fiber optic infrastructure and can be mounted in situ permanently.

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PTA-1 Robotic Arm

The PTA-1 is an autonomous robotic camera solution specifically designed for supporting cameras and lenses in outdoor applications. The camera platform robot is designed so it can be permanently fixed in position, with the camera and lens on a removable sled that can be easily detached from the robot for other uses or storage. It can be remotely operated & deployed in locations where camera operators cannot easily work such as height-restricted areas.

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Need Custom?

We make a huge number of different types of systems and 50% of our products are custom made or adaptations of existing product lines. While there are many standard product lines, no two products are rarely the same as each customer will have a unique requirement. Whatever you require we have the mechanical, electronic and software engineering capability to achieve your goals.

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AI and Software Systems

Polymotion Chat

Polymotion Chat is an automated subject tracking solution for up to 6 camera positions and multiple presenters. Using limb and face detection software Polymotion Chat tracks subject movements and provides stable and natural-looking content. The system can be configured for up to 32 preset positions per camera and integrates with a wide variety of cameras, heads & PTZ’s. The software is able to recognize multiple subjects so that more than one person can be tracked through automation, ensuring the correct presenter is always in shot.

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Polymotion Player

Polymotion Player is an adaptive automated robotic camera solution that is designed for field and arena sports, including football, baseball, basketball and hockey. The system is designed for analysts and broadcasters, ranging from a single operator small scale production, to a fully integrated multi-camera outside broadcast. The AI system physically moves the camera when tracking its subject. This allows an operator to position the cameras anywhere around the field of play. Camera positions include Tactical, High Behind, Offside Camera Position and Individual Player Tracking (TRACAB Required).

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Bring your vision to life.

Have an idea for a shot only robotics can achieve? Facing a challenge not already solved here? Work with MRMC’s team of robotic specialists to make your vision a reality with a custom robotic solution.

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