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Key Features

These four essential items are useful for everything from sweeping dust from lenses, removing residue stains and picking up small bits of debris from hard-to reach lens surfaces.

The Nikon static wisk™: A small brush that allows the user to sweep dust and other fine particles from lenses quickly and easily.

Nikon precision cleaning solution™: Can be applied to lenses to remove the residue from water droplets or similar lens-degrading stains or marks.

Tiger Cloth™: Anti-static microfiber cleaning cloth that complements the Static Wisk and allows users to remove more stubborn particulate matter that may degrade image quality.

Speck Grabber™: A long, slender tool with a pliable, tacky grabbing surface that is designed to allow the user to pick small bits of dirt or debris from hard-to-reach positions on the lens surface.

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